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Website speed test matters for better SEO

March 5, 2021Uncategorized

The speed of a website can be a critical and major factor for its success. Faster loading websites can continuously benefit from higher SEO rankings, lower bounce rates and longer visitor duration on-site and a well overall user experience.  Firstly  Fast and quick loading websites can expect a higher rank in the SERPs and attract more visitors. And Secondly, there are all the user experience considerations. If your website loads quickly, you can expect more visitors to stick around your website, read your content which will in generating your website’s potential.

In other words, a lightning-quick website unlocks all the good things that webmasters will crave.

Website speed is also the most common factor in search engines SEO’s relevancy. There are tons of factors present which are used to determine relevancy and the algorithms to adjust the ranking of that particular website. The experience on your website offers determines whether a visitor stays to explore on your website or bounces back to the results.

Every single second takes for loading it’s content increases the chance that people will leave your website. Especially for the eCommerce website, time is money. In eCommerce, every single second-page speed impacts revenue and continuous slow page speed negatively affects the reputation of that particular brand.

In simple words, we can say that the website speedtest has an impact on your audience’s user experience. If your target audience has to wait too long to get what they are looking for. They will just close your website.

Issues that are most likely to be responsible for slowing down your website are First and foremost its images. Large images can slow loading web pages, the second one is Hosting, it can also cause issues In the long run, a cheap offer can damage your page speed. Also Your theme, Plugins, apps, JavaScript and widgets, basically any third-party script can slow down your website’s load time.
But You Don’t need to take any stress of all these things as WebMonitoring is all here to help you figured this out. Web Monitoring is probably the most popular service for monitoring website speed test. They are 100% free and offers several key features and benefits. The first is that they will monitor your website’s speed and notify you if it goes down. They send this information via email and SMS.
They also provide detailed performance reports related to your website. They help you analyze key interactions and share that data with you and others on your team.
The best part about this website is that they bring the notification and analysis process right into your simplistic dashboard, which will probably be preferred by those who don’t want to be jumping around a lot.