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How to set up Slack notification for Website Downtime

October 18, 2019How To

Now you can integrate Slack to receive website downtime notifications from WebMonitoring Online. It’s quite easy to receive alerts on your Slack channel. Follow these steps to set up your Slack alerts:

WebMonitoring Online supports Slack’s Incoming WebHook functionality to send alerts to your Slack channel. For this, first, you have to set up a Webhook to receive alerts. You can check the Slack’s official documentation to create a Webhook. https://api.slack.com/messaging/webhooks

Once you have the Webhook URL, to your WebMonitoring dashboard to add the Slack alert contact.

Your Slack alert contact is ready to use. Now in order to receive the alerts you have to add this contact to your monitors.

  • Go to your Monitor and click edit.
  • Tick the checkbox of new Slack alert in Notification Channel
  • Save

Not it’s ready and you will receive notifications on your Slack channel if there is any downtime on your Monitor.